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Who We Are

 Mettle SA started off as a back-of-the-napkin idea in 2016, and has now evolved into a full service corporate communications and public relations consultancy for industry. For us, the question at the heart of what we do is "how can we use our skill set to help businesses in industry attract lucrative business opportunities?". We firmly believe that shaping how a company communicates, is the starting point.


Mettle SA services clients operating in the industrial sectors of mining, energy, construction, engineering, manufacturing and agricultural. We consider ourselves the ideal communications and public relations partner for companies offering support services in industry. We are however not limited to support services, as we grow, our value proposition will soon be fitting for key players in industry.


Using creative story-telling tactics, rooted in industry thought-leadership, our services have helped our clients stand-out in their respective industries. We deliver REAL strategies, that produce REAL results.

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